Agilent Lamps

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Agilent Lamps

Lamps for HPLC

The new InfinityLab lamps contain RFID technology for more convenience and ease of use. Agilent lamps are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified environment and are fully traceable throughout every step of the production process. Each lamp is tested to ensure it meets Agilent performance specifications.

Available Parts Details

Select Part Number Description Quantity
G1103-60001 Tungsten Lamp assembly, G1315A, 8453
2140-0600 Flash lamp for G1321A fluorescence det
5190-0917 Deuterium lamp 8-pin w. RFID for DAD
2140-0590 Deuterium lamp, 1100/1200 DAD/MWD
2140-0813 Deut. lamp, 1100/1200DAD/MWD lnglife-A
G1314-60101 Deuterium lamp w. RFID for VWD
2140-0820 Deuterium lamp w. RFID for DAD/MWD
G1314-60100 D2 Lamp L6903 with Box
G1971-60025 APPI Lamp
5182-1530 Longlife Deuterium lamp 1100-1200 DAD
2140-0585 Deuterium lamp, G1600 CE detector