Agilent GC Column Accessories

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Agilent Gas Chromatography Supplies and Consumables for Consistent Performance

Agilent’s GC consumables provide the reliability your lab needs, while adding innovative functionality and performance to improve your scientific outcomes. Our precision engineered GC supplies ensure reproducibility of results and dependable performance, regardless of your instrument platform. We offer a wide range of GC accessories and GC/MS supplies specifically designed and optimized for your instrument, including ferrules, nuts, tubing, inlet liners, syringes, and septa.

Available Parts Details

Select Part Number Description Quantity
5190-6980 UltraInert Universal PressFit Y-Splitter
5190-6979 Ultra Inert Universal Press Fit, 10/pk
5182-9698 Glass Endcap for Capillary Columns 20/PK
G2855-20555 Swaging nut,Ultimate Union and QuickSwap
5021-7148 GRAPHPACK dual column connector
5021-7146 GRAPHPACK 2M dual column connector
G3440-80217 Column install pre-swaging tool,graphite
G3440-80227 Column Preswaging Tool,Cap Flow Devices
5181-3351 Trap, particle 2.5m, 0.32mm
5181-3352 Trap, particle 2.5m, 0.53mm
1460-1914 Column Hanger for 68/78XX Series GC
5021-7166 GRAPHPACK connector, 0.32/0.25 id
19091-80060 13cm/5.5inBasket for 6850 Capillary Cols
G3440-80218 Column install pre-swaging tool, metal
5021-7164 GRAPHPACK connector, 0.53in id