Agilent CL LC Lamps

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Agilent CL LC Lamps

Agilent tungsten lamp, for Shimadzu SPD-M10Avp/SPD-M20A diode array detectors, 1200 hour, similar to Shimadzu 228-34410-91

Agilent deuterium lamp, for Waters 2487/2488 UV-Vis and Acquity TUV, 2000 hours, similar to Waters WAS081142

Agilent long-life deuterium lamp, for Dionex/Thermo UVD-3000, similar to Dionex/Thermo 6073.2070

Available Parts Details

Select Part Number Description Quantity
8001-0703 Tungsten lamp SPD-M20A/M10Avp SHM
8001-0705 Tungsten lamp SPD-20AV SPD-10AV/AVvp SHM
8005-0704 D2 lamp 2487/2488 UV/Vis ACQUITY TUV WAT
8005-0705 D2 lamp 996/2996/ACQUITY 2996 PDA WAT
8002-0701 Deuterium lamp UVD160/320 UVD170/340 TMO
8005-0702 Deuterium lamp 486 TUV LC Module 1 WAT
8001-0704 Deuterium Lamp LC-2010 LC-2010HT SHM
8002-0702 Long life D2 lamp UVD-3000 TMO
8001-0702 D2 lamp SPD-20A/AV SPD-10A/AV/AVvp SHM
8002-0704 Deuterium lamp PDA-100 AD-25 TMO
8001-0701 Deuterium lamp SPD-M10Avp SPD-M20A SHM